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Business support

Our idea focuses on the development of young entrepreneurs on their high education, who will give their projects their new ideas to achieve greater success.

History support

Currently, the story is not transparent, and its reception is so obvious. We want to show history in a new light, from the side of economic events, biographies of entrepreneurs and their impact on the history of the world.

Kordian Tarasiewicz

Kordian Tarasewicz was the heir of the first coffee roasting plant in Warsaw, founded in 1882 by his department, Tadeusz Tarasiewicz. The Tarasiewicz family came from Kraków, at the market square of which the founder of the family ran the Iron and Nuremberg Goods Store. After the bankruptcy of his new fund management, the trader becomes the carrier of the enterprise moving into the vivid economic development of Warsaw.

The coffee roaster was, as it was at the time, the entrance to an innovative project. Black grains still remained as stakes by household methods, which greatly reduced their quality.

Why Our Foundation?

Looking at the number of foundations, their goals and development, we are convinced that our foundation will also make a significant contribution to the changes that are inevitable. We will change the world together.

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We organize weekend meetings for our donors, where we will combine relaxation with business development. Financial support gives the possibility of club membership and participation in organized events.
Our willingness to develop is huge and we ask you to participate in our projects and there are many variations of participation. You can support us financially, It is possible that you will give a discount on your services, or maybe you will be our Patron?
Current projects

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Building a modern child care home
We are at the stage of talks with municipal authorities...
Support for families from Ukraine
We know that a lot of families with children have come...

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